Since McKinsey announced the coming of the Big Data era, we have all learned to accept and adapt, to new standards and a new reality. For us in shipping logistics, benefiscial application of big data have just begun. Prospering global trade means hundreds of thousands of different vessels, sailing the seas, at any given time. More than 5000 ports, 6000 shipping companies, hundreds of thousands of freight forwarding companies and millions of trading companies are exchanging freight information. The many different formats have created an information data jungle. Every player in our industry, are trying to turn this information flow into a reliable, accurate and efficient tool.

Elane has succeeded in forming it´s own competitive advantage in the big data context. By combining our deep understanding for our client´s needs, and our keen insight into the great potential of developing efficient data services, we have implemented valuable new tools.

Not only will Elane track the position of your vessel and cargo, along routes, through ports, collecting basic data. Elane will also deliver real-time and accurate visual dynamic tracking, at an individual level, and in addition providing big data models based on precipitation, collecting and sorting for crude oil, iron ore, coal, natural gas and other commodities.