Linking Fleets – Mobile Vehicle Dispatch and Interconnected Vehicle Control

The container fleet market is a competitive market with complicated business relations. It´s customers include cargo owners, freight shippers and peer fleets. In the process of operation, there must be someone performing the tedious and time consuming task of constantly recording operation and billing information. Elane Tuochebao™ uses mobile internet technology in simplifying the information flow to accounting, and we have are 20,000 orders running on the platform every day.

The container fleet links the freight forwarding agents, cargo owners, yards, terminals and bonded area, to millions of containers, yards and factories, through the container fleet. Statistics report that 500,000 container trailers are gathered around the port terminals across the country, dominated by small and medium-size fleets.

Sending of orders, order receiving, vehicle dispatch, tracking and feedback of customer service, confirmation of business expenses, financial collection, etc. ,are all required from the container fleet. In order to provide these basic services, each fleet needs someone to record and transfer the information. To provide an accurate arrival time of a container truck, the driver needs to inform the dispatcher in advance. The dispatcher informs the customer service personnel, who informs the customers. It can be a long and inefficient process. In the case of monthly account checking, the fleet must provide frequently statements In the case of discrepancies, the original documents must be traced.

Specifically aimed at this type of business, we have introduced SyncDispatch™ and Tuochebao™: Tools targeted to effectively connect shippers, cargo owners, fleet, drivers and other related parties. Through smart linking, SyncDispatch™ keeps track of the of the transporting vehicle, delivery receipt management, online account checks and payments.

Tuochebao™ is the SaaS version of our fleet management platform, including Web and App client. The company fleet can use the Web client, which has order receiving, order printing, tracking, and billing, account checking, financial accounting and other functions, accommodating management demands of different fleet sizes. With the APP client, the driver can complete the order receiving, vehicle dispatch, transit check-in, receipt and confirmation, account checking, collection and other operations. The coordination of Tuochebao™ Web and APP client, provides online vehicle dispatching and mobile vehicle control. 20,000 businesses operate on this platform every day.