Linking Ship Owners – with Online Booking Trading Collaboration

Shipping companies, as the actual carrier of a shipping business, typically have a network of branches, serving various ports. These companies frequently communicate with their customers, to confirm schedule, rates, booking, documentation, logistics tracking and other specifics. This is demanding of both manpower and material resources. Kuaicang™ can currently link 43 shipping companies, to build a trading collaboration for booking companies and booking parties.

In the whole long chain of shipping logistics, shipping companies are the actual carriers of maritime transportation, and the operating efficiency of shipping companies determines the efficiency of the logistics chain. How to enhance the efficiency of a shipping company´s logistics chain, is an important question that Elane continues to ask – constantly exploring possible solutions.

In March 2014, Elane became the first domestic trading company to introduce a third-party trade collaboration platform, with shipping companies at the core. After two years of development, Kuaicang™ now provides 10 carriers and over one million users, sharing network transaction service, to provide accurate schedule, real-time freight rates, online booking, visual tracking, electronic billings and other services to enhance the operating efficiency of cargo owners, freight forwarding agents and carriers. The result is reduced operating costs and improved carrier performance. Kuaicang™ is a leading developer in the field of data integration, and continues to explore improvements in data integration and data sharing, between partners in shipping.

As a subsidiary of Elane, Kuaicang™ share the mother company´s commitment to provide the best possible shipping industry solutions. For any cloud-based shipping trade platform, quality of data input is highly critical, and only accurate and timely entered data can enhance the individual user´s work efficiency. The data that shipping companies collect from the terminal operators, vehicle companies, freight forwarding companies and other business stakeholders, are often in different formats and of varying quality. To address this challenge, Kuaicang™ makes great efforts to enhance all dimensions of data quality: Accuracy, (the consistency between data and user’s entry) real-time (the availability of data in a reasonable time) and integrity (assuring real and comprehensive data).

The domestic shipping trade platform of Kuaicang™, is directly connected to the official websites of shipping companies, so that cargo owners and freight forwarding companies can abandon the traditional fax, telephone and other contact information, and use more convenient communication platforms to share information. Kuaicang™ integrates all information into an electronic order, cargo lists, cargo tracking and other specific businesses, greatly reducing time and error probability, compared to manual operation and telephone communication.

During the development of our domestic shipping trade platform, Elane did not forget to include the foreign trade business.