Link up cargo owners – logistics information is visual and controllable

Trade and manufacturing operations are the typical customers of the logistics industry, and we often refer to them as the “cargo owner”. These owners are concerned about how to better complete the trade delivery, and put their faith in the logistics providers, to deliver as expected and on time. Elane developed and introduced ElaneLink™, a system to give cargo owners a smarter way to monitor and manage the logistics process. ElaneLink™ is now helping clients like Haier and Huawei to manage their global logistics.

ElaneLink™, developed by Elane, provides personalized and configurable solutions through integrating various types of products, gathering an informative visual overview of the entire logistics chain, bringing a new level of convenience to cargo owners. Clients like Haier and Huanwei have successfully implemented our ElaneLink™ System. The web version is “Plug-and-Play.”

ElaneLink™ was developed for this specific reason: To give manufactures better control of the cargo transportation process. Today, large manufacturers like Haier, Huawei and others, have achieved the improvement in their supply chain management efficiency, by using ElaneLink™.

ElaneLink™ integrates data from multiple sources, like cargo owners, fleet, freight forwarding agents, harbor district, customs, shipping companies, in order to give manufacturer´s logistics department information from multiple sources through a single portal.

● With the data advantages, ElaneLink™ process and calibrate all raw data, providing our clients the most current and reliable information.

● Through our unique visual monitoring interface and push message system, ElaneLink™ facilitates front-line operators and logistics department managers the best quality information available.

ElaneLink™ offer flexible and configurable solutions to suits the demand of multiple users. It provides a unified data information format that makes secondary processing easy.

ElaneLink™ include an intelligent pre-caution alert function, to quickly notify the cargo owner of potential problems. This early alert feature, gives the operator the opportunity to respond quickly, and develop effective coping strategies.