Schedule Data

With the aide of Elane transformative data analysis techniques, our clients experience improved maritime transportation planning and scheduling. Our optimized, multi-dimensional scheduling analysis merges Inttra, shipping companies, freight forwarders, AIS ship positioning and other data, providing reliable schedule data of the world´s top 50 shipping companies, covering 97.47% of combined global capacity.

Elane Data features information on the following: 
● Comprehensive data on 50 large shipping companies and 20,000 ship routes ;
● Coverage of 97.47% of global capacity;
● 10,000,000 historical schedules;

● 200,000 items of daily updated schedules;
● AIS real-time correction of ship positions.

Elane provides scheduling data of the world’s top 50 shipping companies, covering 97.47% of global shipping capacity, and offer stable and reliable ship schedule services via EDI, Web API and more.