Route Data

Good path planning can help customers save costs, avoiding dangerous segments and determine more precise arrival time, etc. Elane route-data backtracks 8 years of data from all vessels/ships, and uses advanced data calculation and methodology to fit tens of millions of true shipping tracks into route data with an accuracy up to 0.1 Nautical Miles. Our data is widely applied to estimate voyage, ETA, predicting trade flow, etc.

Data features information on the following: 
● True ship trajectory of 50,000,000 ships sailing;
● 10,000,000 route data details;

● Data accuracy of 0.1 Nautical Mile ;
● Jeppesen nautical chart aided calibration.

Authenticity: Our projected ship route comes from the true trajectory of each ship, and the most efficient route is regressed and fitted through the large data method. The route can be corrected automatically according to increased ship trajectory.

Accuracy: Elane provide highly accurate route prediction and reduce route errors. Our data accuracy is an impressive 0.1 Nautical Mile.

Professionalism: Data detail and precision is fully customizable, – for ocean, anchorage, wharf, narrow waterway and several other relevant segments.