Port data

Port – the connection between sea and land, records our world´s real cargo turnover. It is the most important hub in the shipping link, where every detail affecting vessels/ships, shipping, trade, supply chain and various other services connected to maritime logistics, is collected.

Elane´s complete coverage of port data, help improve the performance of every port service.

Busy, modern ports are found along every coastline, bay and river, world wide. Tens of thousands of ships arrive and depart every day of the year, handling enormous volumes of cargo. Elane’s port data covers ports with more than 50,000 tons of throughput capacity, including more than 100 items such as waterways, docks, berths, anchorage, piloting, loading and unloading rate, marine services, etc. Data is widely applied to traffic stats, arrival notification, ship operation, chartering management and other important fields.

Data features information on the following: 
● Geographical information on 10,000 ports;
● Detailed information on 30,000 wharfs;
● Information on 128,000 berths;

● More than 130 data fields ;
● Geographical overview of global anchorage grounds, ports and docks.
● Data updated weekly.

Port data: 40 basic elements, such as geographical location, country, time zone and scope of global ports, ship plans, cargo tracking and other information of Chinese container ports.

Wharf data: Wharf data of more than 10,000 containers, tankers, LNG, LPG and other kinds of cargos around the world, including 17 fields such as wharf name, location, operator, throughput capacity, etc.

Berth data:  Comprehensive data of 128,000 berths around the world that classifies and records details of each berth, including 115 fields, such as berth name, location, type, draught, length, loading and unloading capacity, etc.