Ship Particular

Elane acquire all identifying detail of all international voyages, and is authorized to screen ship registration, operational and transaction-related information. Our first class access to the best and most current maritime databases, provide important detail on ship history, expanding business opportunities while avoiding transaction risk.

Elane has obtained it´s own industry data from reputable databases, to identify all global voyages with a gross tonnage of more than 300GT, covering more than 70.000 vessel owners and related management organizations. Our data comes from the officially designated agency of International Maritime Organization IMO – HIS FairPlay. This data is widely used in ship leasing, harbor piloting, maritime policing, border enforcement, marine services and other.

Data features information on the following:
● 120,000 ships, currently operating, as well as new and scrapped ships;
● 6,000 shipyards;
● 500,000 vessel photos;
● A 40 year records on global marine accidents;

● Related information on 240,000 shipping companies;
● More than 600 data fields;
● 10 year PSC inspection records;
● Data updated weekly.

Ship information:  Ship registration information, vessel owning company and contact information, business transaction history, classification society and inspection records, ship tonnage/size/construction information, various device parameters (model, power, speed and so forth of host and auxiliary machine), sister ship, ship certificates and PSC inspection records, etc.

Company information:  Vessel/ship owners, management companies, operating companies, registered companies, DOC companies, technical management and other companies’ name, address, contact information, organizational structure, fleet size, details and so on.

Order of shipyards:  Shipyards’ holding order/ships under construction/ built vessel/ship list and details, delivery data, and corresponding shipyards’ phone number, address, contact information, etc.

Ship accident:  Records on global ship accidents, including the accident time, place, ship accident type, severity, and causalities, etc.