Big Data Mining

The most concise summary of big data advantages of Elane is the authenticity and real time. All of our data come from real shipping and logistics activities. As a fully independent third party, Elane just uses our system to record the logistics activities occurred in each voyage. We are concerned about the real-time circulating situation of every port, every ship, every shipment of the crude oil, ore, coal and grain container around the world, and the mining of the data will provide reliable basis for the customers’ investment and business decisions.

The economic and commercial activities are numerous and complicated, but we can discern any trace of waves therein.

Bulk Commodity Trade Forecast: Bulk commodities are typically one of the more challenging industrial or agricultural freights, where fluctuations in price, supply and demand, directly affect economy and livelihood. Being in the position to receive early first-hand information on global trade, Elane can swiftly respond to market changes and avoid unnecessary risks in the bulk commodity market, saving clients from significant loss.

90% of global trade transportation is done by ocean freight. The activity of each and every ship reflects cycle, path and supply and demand changes, and the activity of each ship generate a complex set of data. Elane has an understanding of these activity records, and is able to help customers make smart decision in bulk commodity trading, ship transport, financial futures, fuel supply, ship emissions and other areas.

The model on which these decisions are based, is a multi-industrial intelligence platform, jointly built by Elane shipping data experts in close collaboration with shipping, trade, finance, consulting and other industry leaders, and is based partially on ship positions, ship particular, ports, routes, ship schedules, cargo tracking and other multi-dimensional data.

Elane provides maritime trade information on activities on global bulk cargo, such as iron ore, crude oil, coal, natural gas, etc., and accurately outlines the logistical dynamics of global bulk commodity trading on the basis of algorithm models, enhancing the predicative capacity of commodity traders and analysts.

Personalized shipping insurance: Shipping is a challenging industry with high risks, and the insurance industry has been escorting the development of shipping industry for thousands of years. Now shipping information level has developed to the highest point in the shipping history, and it becomes a possibility to apply the personalized application of big shipping data into the shipping insurance. Elane combines the ship construction information, ships’ file data, ships’ PSC inspection record and weather, ship routes, cargo type and so forth to build an intelligent ship risk assessment model, and set the personalized rate for each ship, each voyage and each shipment of cargos.

Ship refueling activity forecast: Elane grasps the operating activities of all ships, including oil tankers, bunkering tankers, fuel oil trading and transportation vessels. We can accurately forecast the ship refueling locations and cooperation businesses through the ship’s historical refueling situation, shipping oil consumption and ship speed analysis. Combined with the international oil price and fuel central purchasing business, Elane can always provide accurate refueling business on the precise time point.

Shipping capacity distribution and forecast: Traditional charter brokers receive thousands of emails about ship offer and cargo offer every day from all over the world, and use the artificial means to match the ship and cargo offer, resulting in intensive workloads and high error rates. Elane helps the ship brokers, charterers, traders all over the world to quickly find the right ships through the monitoring of all ships’ business activities and coordinating the screening of ships’ file information. By studying the shipping capacity analysis and predication at the ports and on the routes, Elane helps ship owners and operators to reasonably plan the ships’ operating routes, providing decision-making support for the shipping consultancy, trade research and other fields.

Container logistics visualization: Now consignors are facing various challenges every day, and collect, deal with and respond to all problems during the transportation of containers. The high-quality maritime logistics tracking service can help consignors enhance the level of logistics control, and timely predict and resolve negative factors during the shipping. Elane, relying on real-time presentation of ships tracking, cargo tracking, sorting of schedules and map GIS, builds infrastructure for the container logistics – full visualized maritime logistics tracking service.

Quasi class rate of container: it is a long cherished wish that goods are delivered to the receivers on time. However, because of various situations during the process of coontainerized shipment such as weather, lines, carriers’ transshipment and port jam, degree on time of ship-owning companies and lines are greatly different. Yihailan publishes the situation of lines, ports and ship-owning companies seperately by researching the arrival records of ships in various lines of ship-owning companies, course schedule and information of ETA in AIS.

Effectiveness research in port operation: global economy steps into a recession period in 2015 with a gradually glide in volume of freight traffic. How to improve level of competitiveness of ports is an important index of stablizing economic development in various countries and governments. Yihailan could publish the real data in real time by ship berthing and goods handling thousands of times and making research of analyzing efficiency of cargo handling of various ship types and goods in port and port handling capacity.