Cargo Tacking

Traditional services provided by the maritime logistics industry, are for the most part homogenous, providing accurate cargo transport status, and a standard set of detail. But with the many links in the chain of most transport schedules, it is difficult to gain a competitive advantage.

Recent technology advances have made it possible for shippers, logistic providers and consignees, to work closer together – to everyones benefit. This closer relationship enables better communication between consumer and enterprise.

Elane´s skillful implementation of new technological solutions, can help your business to more efficiently monitor transport detail, and more accurately access risk elements. The result is shipments completed according to plan, arriving on time.

Elane´s interdisciplinary approach, combine shipping schedules, real-time vessel position, port plans, container transport plans, shipping routes, port data and other multi-dimensional data to create reliable, accurate maritime logistic solutions, that help customers improve their logistic information transparency.

Based on data accumulation and processing advantages, Elane integrates the fragmented, differently sourced and scattered data into one controllable state, and use the standardized format to show it, not only to consigners at the level of Haier, Huawei, Midea, BMW etc., but also logistics suppliers such as Sinotrans, Kerry EAS, allowing them to focus on improving their products and services.