Tracking of Shipping Vessels

Shipping is a challenging industry, often connected with high risk. Dynamic monitoring of any vessel´s operating status, predicting and identifying adverse factors and thereby reducing exposure to risk, are important parts of our operation. Elane´s tracking services will provide all the details you need, to support your critical decisions. Elane is committed to building the world´s best data coverage and a customer experience to match.

Through research & development, strong cooperative partnerships, customer feedback programs and the appropriate financial resources, Elane will deliver on this commitment and provide industry leading business tools.

Source of data: Ship positioning data is provided by AIS Reception Base Stations built near major global ports and is downloaded from satelites in low-orbit.

Coverage of data: Elane provides data on 120,000 ships every day, a total of 100,000,000 position data, tracking of all main ports in the world and all ocean routes.

Platform performance: Updating of hundreds of thousands of shipping vessels in real time, and 600,000 on-time users in real time.

Online ocean map: The Ocean Chart Tile Technology, first created by Elane, consistently support 0.1 second real-time response, and is comparable to GIS platforms such as Google and Baidu.